"Our characters are basically all villains to begin with,They don’t believe they’re individually good, and they don’t believe each other is good, and through the course of the movie they discover they’re heroes."

-James Gunn

Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)

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hi 2 u

i finally went and redid my About Section

so to all you 70+ new followers who wandered in from the depths of DMMD Cosmo hell in the past week, hi!

I might do more later when I have, idk, time. but mostly i’m pretty boring sry2say

(i wonder if this is my incentive on having another follower giveaway cos i could just throw out a bunch of unused/unopened free/dmmd/kurobas/whatever crap i have lying around from my last trip to japan so yeah uh stay tuned when i can be arsed)

anyway basically this is me in a nutshell:

sugadai replied to your post:JSYK
I totally endorse this! I also would add more volleyfriends people here but yes yes j!!!
feel free to promote!! all i know is that i trust j’s judgment on hq!! related meta so i just wanted to throw that out there haha
raptorwing replied to your post:JSYK 
And here I thought I was the only one on the internet getting into that show randomly .__. THESE SPORTS ANIME BOYS ARE RUINING MY LIFE well the part rinharu hasn’t already ruined idk
my whole dash exploded literally overnight with animu hq!! it was like twilight zone hahah
but no the anime brought in a huge influx of people and if they’ve enjoyed my earlier meta, then they might be interested in the stuff ironspiders writes because it’s really good! i know rn it might seem like your typical sports anime but actually i’m pleasantly surprised at how furudate has constructed it so far
betaminshitto replied to your post:JSYK  
hsould read
YEA you should
i need to catch up on the mangos but if you’ve suffered through kurobas then hq!! is like “oh wow this series actually… makes sense?? AMAZING”
…the full Noiz experience… Hmm, I guess I should get more piercings.
unless you get super rich in which case you gotta walk around in a tacky suit 24/7
YEah it was worth it! In train rn, expect a review in a few hours!
hollaaaaaaaaa bitches don’t know about my amazing readers



Really large gif piece I did for two very sweet and patient guys.

This miiight take a while for you to load, apologies to those trying to view it on phones.

this real good guys this real good

yvsan asked
at the risk of sounding like a complete creeper: i just read through your entire meta tag and am now facedown screaming in my bed everything is so perfect and you are wonderful and have a brilliant day!!!

ahaha i wouldn’t say creeper so much as wow you are a brave brave soul but i’m very glad to hear you got at least some kind of enjoyment out of it nonetheless! thank you for the brilliant day, here let me magic one for you in return

(∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚ ima wizard

3pithimia asked
Well I don't know Haru, someone shot the Haru who could read!

Remember that time when you guys were like, you’re not Haru and i was like, yeah i’m totally Haru, and you guys were all like, oh yeah

some good times

replies part 2

Ayy congratulations! Glad you’re all excited and happy :D
thank you! it’s hard to kind of express how important it is to me because my natural state is far from apathy, so feeling that spark is the best thing ever.
AAAAAAAAAH we we we so excited!
So I had a really crappy start to my day, and getting the email that WW had updated was like the biggest mood lifter, and that chapter was just akdnjdkanoafskas SO CUTE and I’m glad you’re feeling happier about writing! So basically thanks :)
haah see it always makes me super glad to hear it’s brightened someone’s day, i know there have been times i’ve felt meh about everything and a story i liked updated and i was like THANK YOU LORD. so if i do even a shred of that, then, uh, great! so thank you!
-hugs you gently-
/is flattened )o.o(
6 am in Japan and I am reading your shit.
LIVING THE TRUE DREAM (ah shit now i miss waking up at 7 am due to jetlag and just browsing tumblr like a boss)
Keep on keepin on, my brotha
/busts into an off-key karaoke rendition of Keep me hanging on by the Supremes
very honoured for the mention in your oscar acceptance speech
it’s not a true acceptance speech unless it’s interrupted by kanye
zaf;af;dafjadfkj I’M SO HAPPY MY DISORGANIZED RAMBLING MAKES YOU HAPPY your writing makes ME happy <3
good talk ;)
good FACE