i need to wake up in six hours but i couldn’t rest until i made sure this exists

i salute you kisumi

Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring.”



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I’m picturing the Tachibananana now and it’s the cutest thing ever, thank you! I loved her so much in the story, what a cutie… But I adored the last chapter and the story, of course! <3 (Hopefully you can get new batteries soon!)

hahaha thank you! and crap i actually meant to buy batteries today so i could make these replies a bit more colourful and exciting but i forgot. I’M TOTALLY GONNA DRAW TACHIBANANANA THO. whether the world wants me to or not.

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I guess until the end we can discuss ‘safe’ topics such as… what is Haru drinking in the next episode? tea? coffee? did he just ordered a cup of warm water?

which swimsuit is haru gonna wear next episode

the one on the left

the one on the right

the one in the middle

logicandfeels replied to your post:Whether or not Kisumi’s appearance was out of left field, I can’t be the only one who thought that his interactions with Haru in this episode were hilarious, right? Or just Haru in this episode in general.

*raise hand*

it’s cool, i’m sure this is what you were thinking of instead! (tbh we all should have)

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the fight for the porn is a just cause airin

you are truly inspirational marta never forget that

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You handsome mackerel is a fantastic tag for Haru, tbh.

a very dapper mackerel with a monocle and a tophat!

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gatoraid, faito (also, how is ‘Hei’ pronounced and/or is it just a loanword of English ‘Hi’?) (linguistics!!! _(:3 」∠ )_ aaaa)

in finnish, “hei” is pronounced closer to the english “hay”! i’m guessing it derives from swedish “hej” so probably germanic in origin. but idk i know close to nothing about finnish linguistics i’m a dirty english student myself

gettinglostinneverland replied to your post:This sounds like random infomercial-promo but, there is an old anime from the 90s, called Mizuiro Jidai. It is a comedy/romance/slice-of-life.

Well, the actual subject material is just ‘growing up’, but the school thing is often mentioned, from splitting into different classes to going to different high schools.

i should look it up sometime regardless! i like all stories about growing up (and specifically the transition from youth to early adulthood), maybe because there’s a million ways to describe what is essentially a universal experience for all.

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Omg rude, how could you out my super secret identity that was totally veiled in mystery before ):

you gotta learn to take responsibility and not hide behind a shroud of anonymity you know!!!!

(though i was kind enjoying the idea of people thinking there’s just this super dedicated anon always being pissed off that my chapters rarely feature any porn)

wip eternal summer thoughts re: haru (+ harurin and sousuke)

ganked from a conversation with denshamagic because i want to save these somewhere so i can return to them later and maybe expand on this once the season is done

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A message from Anonymous
I feel like kisumi won't appear at all in any other episodes like he was only important to this episodes plot. he might appear in future episodes but only for like a second. what do you think?

I ain’t gonna lie. I feel… mixed, about Kisumi, mainly because I know I would feel very differently about him if I’d read High Speed! 2 prior to his appearance. Had I done that, I might be out there parading his first feature, as “look at this kid! I’m so happy you finally get to meet him too!” However, right now I’m more like… “well, this person exists.”

Because like you said, his introduction felt very superfluous in tone – you know, like that character in the long running sitcom who shows up like hey it’s your uncle Joey who you’re super chummy with but have never mentioned before in your life; and then uncle Joey teaches everyone an Important Lesson of the Episode and disappears, never to be seen or discussed again. The fact that they underlined much of this introduction with static flashbacks (even rocky had a montage!!) as opposed to bothering with actual animation, well, it really made his inclusion feel like a hasty afterthought. Which is weird, because technically Kisumi had roughly 9000 times more to do with the actual plot than, say, Nagisa’s parents; the writers found a suitable loophole to fit him into the narrative through Makoto’s subplot, and it was great to see Makoto interacting with someone outside his regular friend group for a change. Yet I can’t say I felt 100% sold that the overall story would have greatly suffered, had they swapped Kisumi out for a talking orca.

That’s by far not to say I disliked Kisumi; but since I have no prior attachment to him, I just feel like this mild indifference could have been avoided if they had introduced the element of Kisumi far earlier than episode 8. The difference with High Speed! flashbacks in S1 and S2 is that snippets of the past were always sprinkled into on-going events far before episode 10; the build-up to Haru talking about their first relay rested on this momentum, after we had witnessed glimpses of their adolescent selves literally since the beginning of the show. In comparison, it really does feel like Kisumi only served the purpose of existing within this one episode, but the joke is that they could have easily integrated him into the bigger picture through themes of past, present, and future friends. And hey, maybe that’s something KyoAni still plans to do, I honestly have no idea. It’s just kind of obvious at this point that if that IS the direction they ultimately take with Kisumi (as opposed to simply fading him into the background, like Nagisa’s parents are likely to do), the fact that they waited until the later half of the season to highlight his importance means that part of the impact is already irretrievably lost.


i can’t concentrate but here are some shotas for your viewing pleasure


All I got out of today’s episode, tbh

au of an au (nonsensical CAS omake)

back when i first started writing chronic attitude syndrome, gatoraid and moromi had one request for me: there better be cheesy hospital sex, or else. only problem is, i’m a horrendous sneak who hates disrupting flow unless the moment calls for it (or the fic is specifically written to feature it), so i ended up pulling a burger flipping scene on my own harlequin trope of a story. luckily, gatoraid is nothing if not resourceful; she foresaw this turn of events in advance and generously wrote an alternative ending for that particular scene even before i finished it.

fun fact: if you ever see a person named mackerel_pizza screaming at me in comments, that’ll be her. no, she still doesn’t actually ship harurin.

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This was supposed to be a sketch, but I don’t think I can call it so anymore…

A message from gettinglostinneverland
This sounds like random infomercial-promo but, there is an old anime from the 90s, called Mizuiro Jidai. It is a comedy/romance/slice-of-life thing but it is actually the only anime I remember watching that deals with school friends growing up and drifting apart while also trying their best to keep their friendship together (it starts in middle school and continues until graduation). Just throwing it out there in case anyone is curious about anime shows dealing with that part of school life :)

Haah, thanks for the rec! I haven’t personally watched it, but the subject material sounds interesting. I like it when fiction takes this progression into account, because it might not be everyone’s preferred form of escapism, but it can also be very cathartic to watch in retrospect.

A message from Anonymous
Your meta gives me hope as always~ <3 thanks for replying

Haha np! At the beginning of this Season I almost got caught up in the self-defeating vortex of stressing over everything that might go wrong, or simply not live up to my expectations (in the exact way I’d want it to), but it quickly ruined most of the enjoyment of simply watching what happens instead.

This doesn’t mean I don’t remain critical as I observe the progression, or that I do not anticipate things like anyone else (sometimes with anxious dread). But I’m trying my hardest just to take things as they come and deal with them as they unfurl. And remain optimistic, because the core of this show has (and, as I believe, always will be) friendship; how hard it might be sometimes to fight for it, but that the struggle is always worth it.

A message from Anonymous
Where do you think a Harurinpics ending would leave the other characters? No matter how happy I get thinking about it (trust me i want it so bad), I can't help but feel sad for guys like Sosuke who worked so hard only to be left behind. Plus it would make it harder for Haru and Rin to stay close with their friends like Nitori and Makoto. I just want a happy ending for all of them ugh... sorry im ranting feel free to ignore this.

Ah, anon. This is actually something that I sometimes talk to people about, regarding sports shows that deal with characters still in high school. Because one of the more bittersweet things about all these shows is this:

not everyone who participates in sports in high school grows up to be a professional athlete.

I think it’s more obvious in shows like Free!, since characters like Nagisa and Rei are clearly not in it for KnB-level prodigal qualities or any fiery passion for a career in swimming. Still, this doesn’t negate from the fact that at the end of high school, people do drift apart. Because people grow older. And their lives change. And they will gain new priorities, ones that do not revolve around the immediate set of friends they are conditioned to see every day. A person I once knew aptly said, “Take photos now, because in five years you probably won’t even know these people anymore.”

But that’s taking the harsh, realist attitude on it. As a show, Free! is all about friendship – contrary to popular belief, it’s not about who might theoretically one day bang who. Instead, it’s about different dynamics of friendship, of the number of ways people can coexist in each others’ lives, even if they sometimes hurt one another, or don’t know how to deal with one another, or struggle to find the right way to support one another. You can virtually take almost any permutation of characters and pinpoint a way these people have affected each other’s lives; because of this, in the event we did get Harurinpics, I find it very difficult to believe that it would be done at the expense of the rest of the cast.

To be completely honest, I’m not even sure what my preferred version of Harurinpics is at this point. It depends largely on how Haru’s character develops in the final episodes, because any black and white “Haru should be as ambitious and competitive as Sousuke and Rin!” or “It’s not in Haru’s nature to be ambitious at all!” sound… off, to me; all I know is that I feel like there’s a reason the narrative is keeping Haru and Rin apart from one another to this extent, like it did with the original Season, and that it just might result in a more permanent “reunion”. Or it might not. But regardless of what happens, this season was always bound to be one of bittersweet possibilities: nothing stays the same forever. This is why it’s so important for all these characters to have their status quos questioned and challenged, and for them to realize that it’s okay for things to change.

Maybe I’m just a stupid optimist, but I can’t imagine things ending in a way that disregards anyone for the sake of someone else’s happiness. They might all be moving on, and they might not all be heading in the same direction, no. It might even mean they don’t remain as close. But this doesn’t have to mean leaving anyone behind – any more in fiction, than it has to mean it in real life.

edit/ what are double negatives